Meet Ben and Carrie

From Fans to Owners

Long before energy drinks, there was an energy supplement known as UPTIME. It was available in tablet form and had a massive following among students and athletes alike. One of its biggest fans was Ben, a college student at UCSB. Ben loved coffee, but upon trying UPTIME, instantly converted.

Soon after this life-changing discovery, he called the company to find out where it was sold and cleared out the shelves of all the local 7-Elevens.

When Carrie met Ben, UPTIME was a major part of his life. But not yet hers. Her love affair with UPTIME began after they were married and had their first child. Carrie recalls her first experience with UPTIME energy drinks. “It was a natural sense of alertness. I never felt the energy happening. It allowed me to revisit my own energy.” 

A few years later Ben was traveling for business and was unable to find UPTIME anywhere. He grew concerned and in typical “Ben” fashion, decided to phone the company just like he did when he was in college. He learned that UPTIME was having issues and its founder had recently passed away. Needless to say, Ben and Carrie were not willing to let UPTIME go.

“Should we buy it?” –Said Ben to Carrie. 

They bought it. And they rebuilt the business. Carrie, with a background in fashion, re-designed the bottles to be clean, simple and “wearable.” Her usage of classic black and white allowed UPTIME to instantly stand out among the noisy crowd of energy drinks. Ben, with his entrepreneurial background, developed the blueprint to success.

Today, Ben (CEO) and Carrie (Chief Creative Officer), stand united in their belief that after all these years, UPTIME still allows them to be their very best self, just as it has for over 30 years.